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Beast Quest Series 13 Collection 6 Book Set Adam Blade (73-78) Slivka,

Brand: Orchard Books
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Beast Quest Series 13 Collection 6 Book Set No - 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78

Title in This Set
73 - Skurik The Forest demon
74 - The Arctic Menace
75 - Slivka The Cold Hearted Curse
76 - Linka The Sky Conqueror
77 - Vermok The Spiteful Scavenger
78 - Koba Ghoul Of The Shadows

Description One by One Titles

Skurik The Forest demon
Skurik the Forest Demon is terrorising Tom's village and kidnapping children! Can Tom rescue them before it's too late?Targro

The Arctic Menace
Tom must brave the mysterious Warrior's Road to prove that he is Master of the Beasts. His journey takes him to a freezing wasteland, where Targro the Arctic Menace lies in wait under the snow...

Slivka The Cold Hearted Curse
Tom's enemy, the Judge, has sent him to the Warrior's Road. If Tom fails to reach the end, he will no longer be Master of the Beasts. Standing in his way is cunning Slivka - will an old friend come to Tom's aid?

Linka The Sky Conqueror
In a ruined castle in the Dark Realm prowls Kaymon the Gorgon Hound. Kaymon is one of six fearsome Beats unleashed by a wicked wizard to capture the good Beasts of Avantia. Join Tom on his quest to save the good Beasts and avoid being captured himself…

Vermok The Spiteful Scavenger
The Warrior's Road is perilous, and Tom must face an enemy from the air. Linka the Sky Conqueror is here to battle the heroes! Does Tom have the strength to survive another Beast attack?

Koba Ghoul Of The Shadows
The end of the Warrior's Road is in sight! But will Tom be able to reach it? Standing in his way is Koba, Ghoul of the Shadows, a twisted Beast of pure evil. It's time for Tom's ultimate challenge!

ISBN: 9781408325797
Language: English
GTIN: 9781408325797
Brand: Orchard Books
Condition: New

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