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Beast Quest Series 11 Collection Adam Blade 6 Books Set (61 To 66) Pac

Brand: Orchard Books
Condition: New
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Beast Quest Series 11 Collection Adam Blade 6 Books Barnd New
Title in This Set
  1. Tauron - The Pounding Fury
  2. Serpio -The Slithering Shadow
  3. Flaymar - The Scorched Blaze
  4. Brutus - The Hound Of Horror
  5. Tarrok - The Blood Spike
  6. Elko - Lord Of The Sea
Description One by One Titles:-

Tauron - The Pounding Fury
Avantia is in deadly peril! Kensa the Sorceress's most deadly Beast has been unleashed, and only Tom and his frends stand in his way! Will they prevail, or will they be crushed under his hooves?

Serpio - The Slithering Shadow
Kensa the Sorceress seeks to overthrow Avantia and become a cruel ruler - and she has created six Evil Beasts to do her bidding. It's up to Tom and his faithful companions to defeat them! Flaymar - The Scorched BlazeTom must confront

Flaymar the Scorched Blaze
-Kensa the Sorceress's fiery Evil Beast - sent to terrorise the land! Can the Avantian hero overcome her fearsome heat and douse her flames?

Brutus - The Hound Of Horror
Peril Stalks the Good Beasts of Avantia as Kensa the Sorceress plans to invade Avantia with her new Evil Beasts. Tom must do battle with a ravening, winged hound who thirsts for his blood!

Tarrok - The Blood Spike
Something terrible is hiding under the sands of the desert! Tarrok the Blood Spike is waiting for the hero Tom and his companion Elenna, so he can unleash his fury on them! Will Tom survive?

Elko - Lord Of The Sea
A new evil enemy and dangerous realm await Tom on his new Beast Quest.Elko Lord of the Sea has risen from the waves to wreak havoc. Can Tom overcome this deadly peril?

ISBN: 9789999463171
Language: English
GTIN: 9789999463171
Brand: Orchard Books
Condition: New

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